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Artful Candid is a Rock trio from Denmark formed in 2016. They play solid rock infused with many different influences. Their sound is a mix of Arctic Monkeys, Twenty One Pilots and The Minds Of 99. Artful Candid delivers an intense, highly engaging and very energetic live performance.

Jakob, Kristian and William met at Vostrup, a boarding school of drama and music, in the summer of 2014. The following year they became very close friends, and that friendship would soon turn out to be the foundation of the next chapter in their lives. When the school year was over, and everyone went their separate ways, Jakob, Kristian and William agreed to continue their musical relationship, despite the physical distance between them. They would meet every weekend to write songs, play music and hang out together for the first half of 2016. But eventually, they made the mutual decision to drop out of school, move in together, take a life-changing risk and form Artful Candid.

Kristian has always loved music ever since he was very young. He listened to a large variety of music his whole upbringing. Kristian went to a Waldorf school as a kid for most of his school time and has, therefore, played both classical guitar and contrabass, as well as singing in the school quires.

But he never thought about it as more, than something he really enjoyed. Another thing Kristian really liked was acting, which he had some great experiences with as a teenager.

One thing especially that made him want to become an actor, or at least take it a step further, was the thrill he got when he was on stage performing. For him, that feeling was the culmination of practice, preparation and months of hard work, which was delivered in what felt like a blink of an eye.


He found that to be the most amazing feeling in the whole world, and he wanted more. So he attended a boarding school as a drama student. It was a boarding school for drama and music. Kristian quickly became close friends with some of the music students. It wasn't until he really started playing music with others, he found out that he had a talent for it and that he really enjoyed playing music.

Kristian found out that music possessed some of the same live performance qualities that he loved about acting. Eventually, he ended up playing more music than ever and also started to pick up many different instruments as well. He was very good friends with Jakob and William who both were music students and when their stay at the boarding school was over they decided to continue playing together and as one thing led to another we eventually started a band together, and that is how Artful Candid was formed.


At a young age, Jakob started playing the drums, but later, the guitar proved to be his main instrument. Thanks to his dad's unique record collection, consisting of punk, new wave and classic rock, he was immediately drawn to alternative music. He taught himself how to play, by listening and copying what he heard. His bedroom would become the place, where he developed his skills and expanded his musical taste.

As a young teenager, he would play guitar, drums and bass in several different bands, but only for recreational purposes. It wasn't until he went to boarding school at the age of 16, that he met his creative match. Jakob would frequent many bands while at the school, but Kristian and William became the most recurring band members. 

Around age 13, William wanted to change his path dramatically. He wanted to pursue and achieve something completely different, start from scratch.
William was relatively unfamiliar with music, genres and the history of it. He just loved listening to different bands and pretend to play the drums.

For obvious reasons, William went and got a pair of drumsticks long before he ever played an actual kit.
Not knowing what he was doing, he would put on his headphones and start drumming away at mostly anything that could take a beating.
His passion for music grew bigger, and soon enough he was playing nonstop, on pillows, chairs, tables, counters and a multitude of objects outside.

In the summer of 2014, William went to spend the next year as a student at Vostrup. He played in different bands and jammed for hours and hours, he recorded demos in the studio and was seeing his dreams coming to life.

This was where William played his first shows with people watching, and the joy of pleasing and exciting an entire audience was life changing for him.
He never looked back at his old life after that year.
When the year ended, Kristian, Jakob and William went back their separate ways, but not for long.
They started meeting in the weekends to write songs and hang out. One thing led to another, and eventually they moved in together.
It was going well for the band, but they all had to stand up for themselves and make some important decisions.

William quit school during the exams. He then parted ways with several friends who didn’t understand his newfound path.

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